Anna 4 Paws Holds Training in St. Charles Parish!

May 24, 2024

New Orleans, Louisiana – On Thursday, May 23rd, the Anna 4 Paws team set out for The St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office Regional Training Academy where an Anna 4 Paws Caine First Aid course was taught to fifteen canine handlers and emergency medics.  Most of those in attendance were from the canine units of St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office, St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office, St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office, Gretna Police Department and Kenner Police Department.  Also attending the course were emergency medical technicians from St. Charles Parish.

Students in the course were led thought canine physiology, how to conduct a nose to tail examination, TPR (temperature, pulse & respiratory rate), wound care, limb splinting, restraint techniques & several additional topics by Dr. Margaret Trumble DVM, Medical Director of Anna 4 Paws.  Dr. Trumble has worked in emergency canine medicine for sixteen years and also owns and operates her own emergency veterinary hospital, Avenue Animal Wellness + Emergency in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Dr. Trumble said that pre-hospital care is critical in saving the lives of working dogs and emphasized that getting canine handlers comfortable preforming that pre-hospital care is paramount in keeping the animal alive long enough to get to an emergency veterinary hospital.

To help get these canine handlers comfortable with that hands on care, Anna 4 Paws partnered with JohnnieAnn Ponder of Cane Haven Rescue who provided three, four-legged helpers for the training course.  Being able to work on a stuffed dog is great because you can really get the finer details nailed down but working on a live dog, who is happy, healthy and excited brings a new type of training, says Anna 4 Paws Founder, Adrian Thompson.  The dogs that Cane Haven provided today were great!  They were super social and high energy.  They allowed the handlers to practice the techniques on them but didn’t make it to too easy for them by wiggling around and trying to give puppy kisses, Thompson continued.

Also assisting with the hands-on portion of training was Dr. Leslie Bass of Algiers Animal Clinic in New Orleans and Shelby Noverola of Abadie Veterinary Hospital in Harahan, Louisiana.

When asked why she believes classes of this type are important, Dr Bass said “Holding these classes is absolutely essential. Any dog has risks to their health but canine officers put their life on the line daily and have many more risks. Their injuries (gun shots, stabbings, bee stings, drug exposures etc) can be the type that minutes make the world of impact. Reading about first aid measures is great but hands on training solidifies it in the handlers mind and can keep them from panicking in a stressful situation. They can ask us questions and troubleshoot to be more prepared. This can be the difference between life and death in those scenarios.”

Thompson says sustainability is very important to Anna 4 Paws so his organization partners with veterinary hospitals local to the receiving area to maintain the kits.  Both Algiers Animal Clinic and Abadie Veterinary Hospital support Anna 4 Paws by maintaining the Anna 4 Paws Canine First Kits for agencies in their respective areas.  This means that if anything in the kit is used or expires, the handler can go to his or her sponsoring veterinarian and have those items replaced at no cost to the agency or the handler.  The seven kits that were donated to St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office are being maintained by Bayou Animal Clinic and Dr. Jena Troxler “Your Personal House Call Veterinarian”

Personally, my passion is helping animals and watching these handlers and how incredibly they take care of their canine partners is extremely rewarding. These canines are more than their partners, they are part of their family. The canines and their officers put their lives on the line without hesitation everyday and anything I can do to help them stay safe and healthy I consider it my duty to do so. I’m proud to be a part of it. ~ Dr. Leslie Bass

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