Anna 4 Paws Makes Donation to St. John Sheriff’s Office

Jun 30, 2024

LaPlace, Louisiana – On Wednesday, June 26th, 2024, Sheriff Mike Tregre of St. John The Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office welcomed Anna 4 Paws to his office in LaPlace to accept a donation of three Anna 4 Paws Canine First Aid Kits for his canine unit.  Joining Anna 4 Paws Founding Partner, Adrian Thompson, was Dr. Keely Shine of Shine Veterinary Services, and JohnnieAnn Ponder of Abadie Veterinary Hospital.

Sheriff Tregre learned all about the contents of the canine first aid kits his handlers received and also about the Anna 4 Paws Canine First Air Training, that his canine handlers recently attended at St. Charles Regional P.O.S.T. Academy.  Sheriff Mike Tregre said that he and the St John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office is excited to begin this new canine first aid partnership with Anna 4 Paws.

I am grateful to Anna 4 Paws for the first aid bags donated to our canine units and the training provided to our canine officers on the use of the equipment ~ Sheriff Mike Trege

For the maintenance of the three Anna 4 Paws Canine First Aid Kits donated to St. John Sheriff’s Office, Anna 4 Paws, partnered with Shine Veterinary Services and Abadie Veterinary Hospital.  Shine Veterinary Services offers mobile veterinary services for both large and small animal.  Dr. Shine, a member of the United States Navy, also owns a CrossFit business in Laplace.  Dr. Shine added that the mobile nature of her business provides extra coverage for the handlers, as she can meet them in the field if items in the kits need to be replaced.

Abadie Veterinary Hospital is no stranger to Anna 4 Paws as this is the second time they have agreed to assist with maintaining Anna 4 Paws Canine First Aid Kits.  Abadie currently maintains the two Anna 4 Paws Canine First Aid Kits donated to the Westwego Police Department in 2021.  Abadie has been a really great partner to Anna 4 Paws in that they do not have a canine unit in their direct community of Harahan, Louisiana but have agreed to partner with agencies outside of their direct community.

In late, May the three canine handlers attended Canine First Aid, taught by Anna 4 Paws Medical Director, Dr. Margaret Trumble.  This training taught the handlers proper pre-hospital care for their partners in the case of an injury while at work.  Some of the topics covered were, tip of the nose to tip of the tail exam, wound care, limb splinting and heat exhaustion among others.

Through the help of Cane Haven Rescue, three live dogs were brought into training to the handlers could get hands-on training in canine TPR and bandaging.  For this portion of the class, Dr. Trumble enlisted the help of Dr. Leslie Bass of Algiers Animal Clinc and Shelby Noverola and JohnnieAnn Ponder of Abadie Veterinary Hospital.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to Anna 4 Paws to assist with their mission of “Supporting Working Canine Teams One Paw at a Time, please visit