Anna 4 Paws Makes its First “Fire Dog” Donation

Jul 24, 2023

Chief of Fire Prevention Jason Kaufmann, Canine Sadie and Dr. Liza Ledet DVM

Adrian and Dr. Trumble visited Mandeville Fire/EMS on July 19, 2023 where they donated an Anna 4 Paws Canine First Aid Kit to Canine Sadie and her handler Chief Jason Kaufmann. Canine Sadie is trained in accelerant detection and as such works in very dangerous environments after fire damages a structure. Upon completion of “Canine First Aid” taught by Dr. Trumble, Chief Kaufmann will be able to use the items in the first aid kit and his training to provide care to Canine Sadie in the case of injury.

For this particular Anna 4 Paws Canine First Aid Kit, Dr. Liza Ledet and her hospital Mandeville Animal Hospital agreed to maintain the kit! If Chief Kaufmann has to use any items from the bag or if items expire, Mandeville Animal Hospital will replace them at no cost to Mandeville Fire/EMS or Chief Kaufmann.  “When I was contacted by Adrian with Anna 4 Paws to sponsor a kit, I was excited and grateful to have the opportunity to Sadie and Chief Kaufmann by a means that extends outside of our veterinary hospital setting while

Chief of Fire Prevention Jason Kaufmann and Canine Sadie

they are in the field.  I am grateful that there is such a wonderful organization out there providing critical supplies for these dogs and their handlers.  We are honored to help and partner with Anna 4 Paws.” says Dr. Ledet

“I am extremely excited to have received an Anna 4 Paws first aid kit. Hopefully Sadie and I will never have to use it, but if we do, knowing that I have both the training provided by Anna 4 Paws, as well the equipment, is a huge relief” said Chief Kaufmann. -A4P