Kenner Police Chief Welcomes Anna 4 Paws

May 30, 2024

Kenner, La. – On Wednesday, May 29th, Kenner Police Chief Keith Connely spent some time with the Anna 4 Paws team in his office at Kenner Police Headquarters.  During this meeting, Chief Connely learned all about the Anna 4 Paws program and how valuable it is for his agency.

Kenner Police recently expanded their canine unit by one with the addition of Canine Capone.  Canine Capone and his handler, Officer Katie Stroyewski, are also excited to be part of the Anna 4 Paws family.  Officer Stroyewski recently attended Canine First Aid taught by Anna 4 Paws Medical Director Dr. Margaret Trumble at St. Charles Regional Training Academy.

This marks the second time Anna 4 Paws has donated Anna 4 Paws Canine First Aid kits and canine first aid training to the Kenner Police Department.  In 2021, Anna 4 Paws outfitted the entire Kenner Police Canine Unit with equipment and training.

Sustainability is a major part of Anna 4 Paws.  Anna 4 Paws partners with a veterinarian local to each receiving agency who agree to maintain the kits.  This means that if anything in the kit is used or expires, the handler cna go to his or her sponsoring veterinarian and have those items replaced at no cost to the agency or the handler. For each of these donations to the Kenner Police Department, Anna 4 Paws, partnered with Chateau Veterinary Hospital.  This now brings the number of Anna 4 Paws Canine First Aid Kits supported by Chateau Veterinary Hosptial to four.

Sustainability is a very important part of the Anna 4 Paws program and to receive such amazing support from Chateau Veterinary Hospital is outstanding! Thier continued support of our program and the Kenner Police Department shows their dedication to the City of Kenner and its residents.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to assist Anna 4 Paws in bringing this very valuable canine first aid equipment and training to other working canine teams, please click here.