Law Enforcement and Fire Officials Come Together for Canine First Aid Training

Aug 14, 2023

Law Enforcement and Fire Officials Come Together for Canine First Aid Training

Law Enforcement and Fire Department canine handlers from across St. Tammany, St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes came together recently for Canine First Aid taught by Dr. Margaret Trumble, DVM.  Dr. Trumble taught the canine handlers how to use the items inside their Anna 4 Paws Canine First Aid Kit to stabilize their canine partners in the case of an injury. This pre-hospital care is crucial in saving a canine’s life in the event of a major injury.  The course covered topics such as canine restraint techniques, hands-off examination, hands-on examination, heat stroke care, how to control bleeding, limb splinting and respiratory distress.

This class was the first class that was attended by a canine team from Mandeville Fire/Ems.  Chief of Fire Prevention Jason Kaufmann, who works his Accelerant Detection Canine partner, Sadie, was in attendance and has the designation of being the first service canine team to receive equipment and training from Anna 4 Paws.  Speaking about what it means to include Fire Service Canines in the Anna 4 Paws Program, Anna 4 Paws Founding Partner Adrian Thompson said, “Most people think of law enforcement canine teams when hear about public service canines. Many people are not aware that fire service has canine teams also.  These teams work as part of search and rescue operations and in Chief Kaufmann’s instance, accelerant detection after a fire.  The post-fire environment that Canine Sadie is asked to work has many hazards whcih could cause injury to Canine Sadie.  We are very excited to have the fire team from Mandeville Fire/EMS as part of the Anna 4 Paws family”!

This particular class also highlighted the sustained commitment that Anna 4 Paws has to the agencies it supports.  Deputy Bryan Munch, of Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office, attended this class.  After learning that PPSO, whom Anna 4 Paws previously provided equipment and training, expanded its canine program, Anna 4 Paws reached back out to PPSO and offered additional equipment and training for the new handlers.  These additional Anna 4 Paws Canine First Aid Kits are sponsored by VCA Algiers Animal Clinic and Three Rivers Animal Hospital.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to the next round of Anna 4 Paws Canine First Aid Kits or are interested in bringing Anna 4 Paws to your community please visit us at or visit our facebook page.